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Selasa, 21 September 2010

Final Fantasy Mobile Download and Walktrough

Game RPG terkenal ini akhirnya benar-benar tersedia untuk ponsel!

Anda Pilih partai petualang dari enam kelas karakter, masing-masing dengan keahlian dan kemampuan unik mereka sendiri.

Enter the realm of Final Fantasy as the landmark role-playing franchise finally comes to mobile! Select your party of adventurers from six character classes, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Battle hundreds of monsters as you travel by land, sea, and airship! Gain experience, learn new spells, and purchase weapons on your quest to restore light to the four elemental crystals!

Genre : Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Vendor : SquareEnix
Language: English
Screen : 240x320,360x640
Compability : Java midp2
Size : 604 kb
Download NOW


~Begin at the Cornelia town area. Left
part of the town is shops, inn, and
church (to revive your ally if KO'd) if
you wish to look around. Enter the
right part and talk to the soldier to
~After the scene with the king, leave
the town and remember to buy some
for your mages.
~In the World Map, have some trainings
around the town so you can always get
back to the inn to heal your party.
~Make your way North-West, pass the
Earthgift Shrine will arrive to
Chaos Shrine.
#= Chaos Shrine
Leather Cap, Potion, tent
~The room straight up from the
entrance brings you to the boss battle.
it for a moment. Go South-West room
for a Leather Cap, North-West room for
Potion and Tent. North-East room is
locked and need the Mystic Key which
be obtained later.
~Return to the first room near the
entrance for a fight.
~BOSS: Garland (HP: 212)
A straightforward battle, attack until
your HP low, heal with Cure or Potion.
Have your Black Mage's Thunder or Fire
to end it quickly.
#= Cornelia
~After the fight, you back at the castle.
Talk to Princess Sarah to obtain
a Lute. Heal your party in the inn if
needed. Once you've done, go North
to trigger a scene at the brige.
#= World Map
~After crossing the bridge, take the
right path to the East until it leads you
to South, you will reach to Pravoka
Pravoka - Elfheim
#= Pravoka
~Check out the shops for new stuffs.
Update your inventory if you are
Must buy Blizzard and Temper for Black
Mage. Be sure you buy some Antidote
~Move left and talk to the pirates.
Defeat all of them to get their ship.
~Leave the town and enter the ship at
the dock.
#= World Map
~From the dock near Pravoka, go West
until you get to Cornelia (Buy Dia magic
for White Mage if you haven't). Head
straight to South from Cornelia will
arrive Elven Castle.
#= Elfheim/Elven Castle
~Enter the village that's outside the
castle which is Elfheim. You can find
some more good items from the shop,
needless to say, they are costly for now.
~Go to the castle, head up to the room
where you will find the sleeping prince.
Talk to the Healer beside him.
#= World Map
~Move West, pass the mountains and
turn North will reach Western Keep.
You can have a visit there and talk to
the King inside there, he will
ask for the Crown (Actually I skipped
~Go South to Marsh Cave.
#= Marsh Cave
Dagger, Broadsword, Copper Armlet,
Cottage, Phoenix Down, 680 Gil,
620 Gil, 295 Gil, 385 Gil
~Take the North path until you reach to
B2F. Head to top right room to obtain
a Dagger. Head to the left room for 680
Gil. Go to the bottom room can find
Broadsword and 620 Gil.
~Return to the cave entrance and
follow the South path. You willl find a
leads to the other part of B2.
~B2, go bottom right to reach B3F.
~In B3 you can find serveral rooms
which contain Phoenix Down in the first
room, 295 Gil in the far right room. The
second line of the rooms can find
Cottage, Copper Armlet seperately.
~Still in B3, move down a bit and find
the second room from the left, there's
a chest surrounded by some statues.
Prepare to fight some Piscodemons
when you
get close to the chest, the unit of
Piscodemon will be random from 2-5, so
sure you save your game before you
fight them.
~After the fight, obtain the Crown from
the chest. There's another room with
385 Gil on the right side. You can leave
this place now.
#= Western Keep
~Straight North from the Marsh Cave.
Before that, back Elfheim to heal your
party if you want, because there's a
boss battle awaits.
~Go to the room in the narrow passage
and talk to the King.
~BOSS: Astro (HP: 420)
Great defense on magic but low on
physical attack. Cast Temper to your
attackers like warrior in the first turn.
Keep your main attack using physical
attack with Temper status on, the boss
can be defeated in 3-4 turns. Be ready
to use Phoenix Down since the boss has
an instant KO spell called Death,
however, the chance of successful is
~After the fight, you get the Crystal Eye.
#= Motoya's Cave
Potion x2, Antidote
~To find this place, you have to move
North-East from the Cornelia.
~Talk to Motoya will to obtain Jolt
Tonic. The 3 chests on the left containing
Potions and Antidote. That's all for this
place, now return to Elven Castle.
#= Elfheim/Elven Castle
~Find the sleeping Prince in the top left
room. Talk to the Healer to pass
him the Jolt Tonic. After the scene, you
obtain Mystic Key.
Mystic Treasures
#= Mystic Treasures
Mythril Hammer, Bronze Gloves, 800
Gil, 700 Gil
Mythril Knife, Cottage, Iron Armor,
Tent, Nitro Powder
Werebuster, Gold Needle, Rune Blade
Falchion, Power Staff, Steel Gloves
Silver Armlet, Antidote, 1020 Gil
~So now you got the Mystic Key, should
return to some places that you found
locked before.
~Elven Castle, there's a single room at
North-East, you can reach it from the
exit at South-East, just tight to the wall
of the castle will do. The items
inside here are Mythril Hammer, 800
Gil, 700 Gil, and Bronze Gloves.
~Cornelia Castle, the two rooms at
North (enter from the passage behind)
containing Saber, Mythril Knife,
Cottage, Iron Armor, Tent, and Nitro
~Chaos Shrine, North-West room can
find Werebuster and Gold Needle,
room can find a Rune Blade. You
probably will fight some Gargoyles
before you
can open the chests.
~Western Keep, follow the right
passage from the entrance to room at
The chests containing Falchion, Power
Staff, Steel Gloves.
~Marsh Cave B3, there are four rooms
at the Southernmost which three of
hiding a Silver Armlet, Antidote, and
1020 Gil chests. You have to fight some
Piscodemons before you can open the
Mount Duergar - Cavern of Earth
#= Mount Duergar/World Map/Mermond
Tent, Great Helm, Wyrmkiller, Ether,
Potion, Mythril Mail, Cottage,
575 Gil, 450 Gil, 575 Gil
~Now lets get back to the storyline.
Take your ship to reach North-West
dock (from Cornelia, go North-West).
Now move South-West from the dock
you arrive Mount Duergar.
~First of all, take all the Gil in the room
directly above the entrance.
~Head to bottom left of the place
where you can find some treasure chests
inside a big room, which are Tent, Great
Helm, Wyrmkiller, Ether, Potion,
Mythril Mail, 575 Gil, Cottage.
~Talk to Nerrick right outside the
treasure room. After a scene, a new
is open up for your ship. You can now
travel to the West part.
~Take the ship to West, pass the
whirlpool to the next stop at the dock
the Melmond village.
~Not much thing you need to do in
Mermond unless you need an inn or
your inventory items, and level 5 magics
are selling here.
~From Mermond, go West again until
arrive to the path leads to South. Follow
that path to Cavern of Earth.
#= Cavern of Earth
Antidote, Coral Sword, Leather Shield,
Sleeping Bag, Potion, Gold Needle,
Tent, 1975 Gil, 795 Gil, 800 Gil, 330 Gil,
575 Gil, 5000 Gil, 1020 Gil
~The West part from the entrance has
a lot of encounter with Hill Gigas,
so do not go there unless you want to
farm for money and EXP.
~Head North from the entrance to get
1975 Gil inside the room.
~Head South-East can find two paths
lead to different room with chests.
The items you will obtain are Antidote,
795 Gil, Potion, and 800 Gil.
~Take to East path to proceed.
~B2, follow the path to South and
eventually you will get to middle part
of the area. There's a room at top right
hiding 330 Gil, Tent, and Coral Sword.
~Still in B2, go search the room at
South can find 575 Gil, then 5000 Gil,
and Leather Shield from the chests.
After that, take the right path which
leads to South-East to proceed.
~B3, the room on the right containing
Sleeping Bag. Follow the path up to
middle, then take the left path to West
and you will pass a room with 3400 Gil.
The following room is empty and the
third room has 1020 Gil.
~Proceed to the last room for a scene.
~BOSS: Vampire (HP: 280)
Cast Diara and Fira with your Black/
White Mage, with some physical attack
other allies. This fight could be end with
in a single turn.
~After defeating the boss, get the Star
Ruby from the chest, and then you
can leave this place.
#= Giant's Cave/Sage's Cave
Mythril Helm, Great Axe, 620 Gil, 450
~From the Cavern of Earth, head up to
North-West and cross mountain to West
will arrive Giant's Cave (back town to
heal if you want).
~Hand over the Star Ruby to the giant
then go down to find a room which
containing 620 Gil, 450 Gil, Mythril
Helm, and Great Axe.
~Leave this place via the exit at the top
~Proceed to the following cave which is
the Sage's Cave.
~Talk to Sadda inside the second room
for the Earth Rod. Afterwards, you have
to go all the way back to Cavern of
#= Cavern of Earth
Staff, Mythril Shield, Tent, 3400 Gil,
1455 Gil, 1520 Gil, 5450 Gil,
1520 Gil, 5450 Gil
~Return to B3, the room where you
fought the Vampire has a door on the
leads to a tablet at the inner area.
Examine it to open new path.
~B4, keep going North to find Staff,
3400 Gil, 1455 Gil, 1520 Gil, and 5450 Gil
in the room. Back to where you came,
take the left path from the fork. Make
way to South-West can find a room with
Tent, 1250 Gil, and a Mythril Shield.
Move up to North-West to reach next
~B5, just follow the path here and you
will reach to the boss room. Heal your
party and make sure you save your
game. Touch the sphere to enter the
~BOSS: Lich (HP: 1200)
His elemental magic attacks are deadly
and he can paralyze, sleep any of
your characters. So at the beginning
turns you should have your White Mage
cast spells to reduce damage from
elemental magics. Personally, I only cast
NulFrost at the first turn. Cast Temper
to your main attacker with good
physical damage. After that, keep
blasting Fira every turn. Restore MP by
using the unit with weak attack power.
Keep your allies above 150 HP should
be safe. When your White Mage doesn't
need to heal anyone, use the turn spam
Diara to the boss to end it fast.
~After all, you can touch the shiny spot
in the front to leave this place.
Your next destination is Crescent Lake.
Back to the ship at Melmond, go
South-West direction and you will arrive
another dock located at South-East
of the World Map. Follow the West path
will reach Crescent Lake.
Crescent Lake - Mount Gulg
#= Crescent Lake
~Restock necessory items from the
shop. It's many strong magic spells as
~You goal is cross the top right bridge
to right area. Talk to all of the sages
over there to obtain Canoe.
~Leave Crescent Lake. In the World
Map, you can now go through the river
Canoe. Follow the river to the West and
then North, eventually will arrive the
volcano named Mount Gulg.
#= Mount Gulg
Mythril Shield, Mythril Axe, Mythril
Helm, Mythril Golves, Great Sword,
Flame Shield, Flame Mail, Ice Brand,
Staff, Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion,
Antidote x2, Gold Needle, Tent,
Cottage, 4150 Gil, 795 Gil, 750 Gil,
1760 Gil, 1520 Gil, 1455 Gil, 1975 Gil,
2750 Gil, 1760 Gil, 7340 Gil,
880 Gil, 115 Gil, 10 Gil, 2000 Gil, 1250 Gil
~Head to left and go downstairs (you
have to walk over the magma).
~B2, take the door just beside the
stairs. Now you can see the chest on
the left side contains Great Sword, and
the right side contains 4150 Gil.
Now move up and follow the long path
to West. Turn to the South path at
the fork, there's 795 Gil and 750 Gil
chests. Go down a bit more and you
will get a large room with lot of chests,
and the treasures are 1760 Gil,
1520 Gil, 1455 Gil, 1975 Gil, Mythril
Shield, Phoenix Down, Mythril Axe,
Mythril Helm, Mythril Gloves, Antidote,
Tent, Hi-Potion.
~Afterwards, get out to the door at
bottom and take the stairs at the left
~B3, just follow the path to East to next
~B4, make your way to South-East of
the area to reach the other part of B3.
~B3, go straight South, then turn West
at the fork. Go until the next fork,
turn South, and then all the way to
~B4, take the 2750 Gil and Gold Needle
in the first room. Now follow the left
way until the fork, move to West will
cross the room with 1760 Gil in the
first room, and 7340 Gil, Flame Shield,
Ice Brand, Antidote, 880 Gil in the
second room. Afterwards, head back to
the previous fork and go South will
pass a room with 155 Gil, and 10 Gil.
Continue your way to East and you will
find another room containing Cottage
and 2000 Gil. Now return to the earlier
fork and take to bottom path to
proceed, where you will find 1250 Gil
and a
Staff. The end of the path leads to next
~B5, straight to West room can find
Flame Mail in the treasure. Head to the
South-West room for a boss battle
(equip Ice Brand, Flame Shield, Flame
~BOSS: Marilith (HP: 1440)
You can try Silence, Darkness, or Sleep
the boss since you probably have got
all these spells, and since this boss
weak against them. But the chance of
successful of sending this statuses are
quite low. The most dangerous attack
of the boss is her physical hits. If you
ally below 250 HP he/she probably
cannot survive a single hit, so keep the
HP above that for safety. To end
it fast, you must let your main attacker
has Temper and Ice Brand, the boss
is not really weak against ice, but
seems like the ice Brand is most
weapon on hands, it's the best choice
for now. Personally, I didn't spend my
Black Mage's turns to inflict status to
the boss, but attack with my magics.
~After the fight, stand on the shiny spot
to exit.
Cavern of Ice - Rukahn Desert
#= World Map
~Back to Crescent Lake and heal if you
want. Return to your ship and go North
to find the next dock.
~Go West, pass the river and mountains
with your canoe to reach Cavern of Ice.
#= Cavern of Ice
Ether, Sleeping Bag, Clothes, Flame
Sword, Ice Armor, Mythril Gloves,
Ice Shield, 12350 Gil, 180 Gil, 5454 Gil,
5000 Gil, 7900 Gil, 9900 Gil,
9500 Gil, 10000 Gil
~B1, just follow the only way of this
~B2, make your way to South-West part
and take the stairs.
~B3, take the other stairs that's near.
~B2, follow the path and enter the
room with a diamond like object. Do not
step on the cracked spot yet until you
take the treasures which are Clothes
and Flame Sword. After that, step on
and cracked spot to proceed.
~B3, go bottom and then turn left from
the fork to find an Ice Armor and
Mythril Gloves. Back to the fork and
take the bottom path. At the next fork,
search the left part (West) can find a
lot of Gil in the room over there.
Back to the fork and go right to get the
~B1, open the chest to obtain an Ether.
Move to the room South of the Ether
room can find 10000 Gil. Now follow the
right path to South-East room, there
is a cracked spot inside the room,
needless to say, obtain all treasures first
before you step on the cracked spot
(9500 Gil, Sleeping Bag, Ice Shield).
~B2, you appear at the room where you
found the diamond like object. Get close
to it will battle with an Evil Eye (162 HP)
. Simply defeat the Evil Eye to get
the Levistone. Afterwards, step on the
cracked spot once again.
~B3, just follow the same path until you
get to the stairs.
~B1, now you should go North-East part
instead of South-East part that you
went just now. Take the stairs at North-
East to exit.
#= World Map/Rukahn Desert
~Check the World Map (tap and hold
the menu button), search for the desert
located at South-West from Crescent
~Use the ship to return Crescent Lake
dock and walk to that desert namely
Ryukahn Desert. After the scene, you
now can use the airship!
sephirosuy/FF1 iPhone/Airship.jpg
~Before you next destination, you can
fly to the Gaia town at North-East of
the World Map, upgrade your inventory
as you can.
~From Gaia, fly West to reach the
Cidatel of Trials (around the middle of
the World Map), but your airship cannot
land near it, you have to land on
a place abit further and walk to there.
Cidatel of Trials - Dragon Caves
#= Cidatel of Trials
Gauntlets, Healing Staff, Ruby Armlet,
Ice Brand, Steel Gloves, Cottage,
7340 Gil, 1455 Gil
~1F, Talk to the dwarf in the middle.
Afterwards, head top right and touch
throne to proceed.
~2F, room 1 and room 2 have only one
warp point. Room 3 take the bottom
Room 4 found only warp point. Room 5
take the bottom one. Room 6 take the
only one. Room 7 take the one on the
right. Room 8, check out the right end
room for a Gauntlets, then leave this
room and head to South, take the 3rd
warp point (on the left). Room 9 go
~3F, follow the path and you will find
Healing Staff from the chest at the
corner. Lately, you will find Ruby
Armlet, Ice Brand, and Steel Gloves
some chests as well. Proceed further to
bottom, obtain the 7340 Gil, 1455 Gil,
and Cottage.
~At the end of 3F, you get Rat's Tail
from the last chest, and then you will
face the Dragon Zombie before the
throne. It's a simple fight as well, Fira
and Diara could finish the battle easily.
~After the fight, touch the throne to
leave. Back to your airship.
#= Dragon Caves
X-Potion, Dry Ether, Elixer, Gold
Needle, Tent, Cottage, 19975 Gil (total)
~The Dragon Caves are located on the
islands West of the Cidatel of Trials.
~Explore each of the Dragon Caves, the
items can be found in the Dragon Caves
are X-Potion, Dry Ether, Elixer, Tent,
Cottage, and around 20000 Gil in total.
~One of the Dragon Caves will lead you
to B2, enter the hall and you will
eventually see the Bahamut, speak with
Bahamut and give the Rat's Tail.
Finally, the party's classes are now
Gaia - Waterfall Cavern
#= Caravan/Gaia
~Make sure you have 40000 Gil, go farm
it if you don't have.
~Fly to North-West of the World Map
and find the desert area. Land you
around that, walk to North-West
direction of the desert and you will see
another seperate desert beside the
small forest. Caravan is located in the
middle of that small desert.
Caravan Location:
sephirosuy/FF1 iPhone/Caravan.jpg
~In the Caravan, buy the Bottled Faerie
from the shop with 40000 Gil.
Afterwards, check the shop again you
will find some other special items.
~Return to Gaia, will trigger a scene.
The Faerie from the bottle flies out.
Head to top left of the town, pass the
item shop and follow the path to top
right where the Faerie is. Talk to the
Faerie to obtain Oxyale.
~Leave Gaia. Take your airship to North-
West area of the World Map
(you can actually fly East from Gaia).
~Find the waterfall location, now you
should land you airship at the South
of the waterfall, then use the canoa to
reach to the waterfall.
#= Waterfall Cavern
Wizard's Staff, Ribbon, Defender,
13450 Gil, 6400 Gil, 5000 Gil
~Go up the path and then turn to left.
Ignore the bottom path, you will
eventually reach to a big junction. Now
take the North-West (top right) path
and go until to end. There's a room with
Wizard's Staff, Ribbon, 13450 Gil,
6400 Gil, 5000 Gil, and Defender
~After that, talk to the robot in the
same room and he will give you
the Warp Cube. Now you can leave this
Onrac - Sunken Shrine
#= Onrac
~This town is located East of the
waterfall. Just follow the river from the
waterfall and you will spot it.
~Make you way to bottom right, talk to
the girl over there. Examine the
barrel to proceed.
#= Sunken Shrine
Light Axe x2, Mage's Staff, Antidote,
Diamond Shield, Diamond Armlet,
Diamond Helm, Diamond Gloves,
Rosetta Stone, 9000 Gil, 1760 Gil, 4150
5000 Gil, 2750 Gil, 10000 Gil, 10 Gil,
2000 Gil, 9900 Gil
~3F, go North will pass a junction. East
path leads to 2000 Gil, West path
leads to 9900 Gil. Back to the junction
and go all the way to North. Take the
North-East stairs.
~4F, proceed to West via the left path.
Turn to North direction and enter
the room at top to find Diamond Armor.
Leave the room and make your way to
Southern most, there's a passage bring
you to the rooms with Light Axe,
Mage's Staff, 12350 Gil, and lastly a
stairs to next floor.
~5F, there are 16 parts in this floor (4x4
arrangement) with lot of treasures.
13 14 15 16
09 10 11 12
05 06 07 08
01 02 03 04
02 is the stairs you came from 4F. Here
are the treasures location:
- 03: Antidote
- 04: Diamond Sheild
- 06: 9000 Gil, 1760 Gil, Diamond Armlet
- 11: 4150 Gil
- 12: 5000 Gil
- 14: 2750 Gil
- 15: 10000 Gil, 10 Gil
- 16: Diamond Helm, Diamond Gloves,
Rosetta Stone (MUST TAKE!)
Some of the passage are blocked, so
you have reach certain rooms from the
other direction. As for room #16 (top
right), you have to go from the top left
(the passage behind room #13 (top left).
~After you got the Rosetta Stone, make
you way back to 3F.
~3F, go all the way to North-West,
there's another stairs in the corner.
~2F, go North-East corner to proceed.
~3F, you can see the stairs here.
~4F, move to South-East corner to
~3F, get into the room and obtain 110
Gil, 450 Gil from the chest, then exit
through the door at South. Take the
stairs out there.
~2F, South room with 7690 Gil, and 8135
Gil in the chest, second room at the
South part with 385 Gil, 5450 Gil, and
the Giant's Gloves. North part can find
the room with Ribbon, 990 Gil, 7349 Gil,
and 2750 Gil. Another room containing
a Light Axe. After all, head to North-
West and take the stairs over there.
~1F, go North and follow the path to
West. Keep on your way to West, soon
will pass several doors and eventually
will arrive the boss room at North.
~BOSS: Kraken (HP: 1800)
You won't feel hard as long as your
main attackers have good items such as
Ribbon, and Diamond series equipment
that you got just now. Have Temper to
boost up your main attackers damage
to 200-300, and build Protect status for
the whole battle is recommended.
Thunder elemental spells deal great
to this boss as well.
~After the fight, you should leave for
Melmond town.
#= Melmond
~Fly to Melmond with your airship. In
the North-West corner of Melmond,
talk to Unne for your next objective.
~Now fly to the East part of the World
Map, there's a town at South of Gaia
namely Lufenia, it's covered by forest.
Find a landing spot at North of this
town and walk to it.
Lufenia - Flying Fortress
#= Lufenia
~From the small exit at North-East of
the town, move straight to East will
see a magic shop, which is selling the
best magic for your White Wizard and
Black Wizard (Full-Life and Flare).
~Your goal is talk to the last person at
the East area to get the Chime.
NOTE: Get White Wizard's NulAll spell
from Gaia.
#= Mirage Tower
Aegis Shield, Healing Helm, Vorpal
Sword, Thor's Hammer, Sun Blade,
Dragon Mail, Tent, Cottage, 800 Gil,
2750 Gil, 3400 Gil, 18010 Gil,
13000 Gil, 12350 Gil, 7900 Gil, 8315 Gil,
7600 Gil, 10000 Gil
~Move West from Lufenia will find a
desert, in the middle of the desert is
the Mirage Tower.
~1F, enter the room there's just at the
top. Move North can find alot of
treasures and they are Tent, 800 Gil,
Aegis Shield, 2750 Gil, 3400 Gil,
Healing Helm, 18010 Gil, and Vorpal
Sword. When you done, take the South-
door to proceed.
~2F, follow the East path will eventually
arrive to the fork at West of
the area. Take the bottom path to a
room with Thor's Hammer, Sun Blade,
Dragon Mail, and lot of Gil. Take the
top path from the fork move on.
~3F, enter the room at bottom and you
will encounter a Blue Dragon (HP: 454)
before you can touch the warp point.
#= Flying Fortress
Sasuke's Blade, Razer, Diamond
Shield, Diamond Gloves, Protect Ring x2,
Healing Helm, Ribbon, Protect Cloak,
White Robe, Black Robe, Clothes,
Potion x2, Gold Needle x2, Cottage,
Adamantite, 93685 Gil (total)
~1F, if you look for the treasures, go
West to find a Potion and some Gils.
Go East to find Protect Ring, Healing
Helm and some Gils. South path leads
to Razer (sword). Take the North path
to proceed.
~2F, you appear at North. Make your
way to North-East for Diamond Gloves,
East for Ribbon and Diamond Shield,
South-East for White Robe and Black
South-West for Adamantite (MUST TAKE)
, West for some Gils, North-West for
Mythril Helm and Cottage. Afterwards,
go South path to next floor.
~3F, the sphere near at the middle
allows you to have a overview of the
As for the treasure, East for Protect
Cloak, Clohtes, Gold Needle and Gils,
North for Potion, Protect Ring and Gils.
Move West and then take to top path
will reach to a room with Sasuke's
Blade (Great for Ninja), 4150 Gil, 3400
Gold Needle. After all, take to bottom
path at West to proceed.
~4F, go West, turn to North at the
second junction to reach the next warp
~5F, go straight to North will face the
boss. (There's an optional boss called
"Warmech" will appear from random
encounter battle, the chance is very
low, but
it's very touch)
~BOSS: Tiamat (HP: 2400)
Cast NulAll with your White Wizard at
the first turn. Tiamat will attack with
a pattern in Thunderbolt -> Poison Gas -
> Icesto> Blaze (Fire) and then
back to Thunderbolt, each spell does
over 200 damage to all targets. If you
don't have NulAll, you must catch the
right turn to raise your Nul-spell magic
one by one. But sometime you will be
lucky enough to have Tiamat make alot
physical attacks instead of magic, that
will be your best chance to recover.
Besides, make sure Temper is always on
for your main attackers if possible.

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  1. hey games is most attractive feature in any mobile. Ya I agree that in build in games in any mobile is complete entertainment and world of fantasy.We can play a games even we are walking and in to our bed also. Its complete entertainment.

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    Ilove ff 1.
    Ada trik2 trtentu ga'?-

  10. thanks sob :)
    aq pecinta berat FF
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  12. thanks buat komennya gan.. :)

    btw ane cuma nemuin ff ini aje gan, jarang cari game lg...
    maaf gan, ane blm bs bantu,soalnya ane sendiri jarang maen ff ini..hhehe..
    mungkin dobst blogger lain ada yg bisa bantuin..
    thanks gan.. :D

  13. Yang FF II malah udah dirilis gan beberapa bulan lalu, buruan cobain :good:

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    Q udah dapat merah, kuning, biru.

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  15. belum selesai tuh walkthrough nya ..

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    1. masuk ke cresent lake town... Lalu bicara pada kakek" kalo gx salah jumlahnya ada 16 yg berdiri melingkar di hutan sebelah kanan town(di dlm town, bukan di world map)

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  23. cara nemuin crystal yg ke 3 gmna gan?? Gwa bingung,,level ny tnggal bagian north ny,,buntu,,sumpah,,bantuin gans

  24. cara nemuin crystal yg ke 3 gmna gan?? Gwa bingung,,level ny tnggal bagian north ny,,buntu,,sumpah,,bantuin gans

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    klo pada frustasi pake FFjumper aja, itu cheat biar bisa nambah darah & serangan ..

  27. thx atas walktroughnya gan:)

  28. mengunjungi blog yang bagus dan penuh dengan informasi yang menarik adalah merupakan kebahagiaan tersendiri.... teruslah berbagi informasi


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