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Minggu, 01 Agustus 2010

Virtual Villager 3 PC Game Review

First a little about virtual villagers 3, and then i will show you where you can get the virtual villagers 3 trainer for free, and what you can do with this trainer.
I played all the games in the virtual villagers series and really enjoyed them alot, they are fun to play and building up the little town and doing the quests is surprisingly challenging.It took a whole lot of time for the villagers to build the buildings and getting the tech points to flow in fast was a hard part of the game for me.
So was the business of keeping my villagers free of diesease and the supply of food in order. I also ran into some problems when i got a famine and my villagers died like flies. So after getting some tips from a friend of mine and after he had shown me a cool thing that i could download for the game, a virtual villagers 3 trainer. I got my town up and running flawlessly.
With this trainer i got unlimited food and tech points,i made all my villagers into uber villagers that mastered all the skills instantly. I could even rise the dead villagers after they had died. I built a mega town, nothing like you ever could imagine possible with villagers that made buildings in a flash and a population of over 300 people, and i only had to slow down because my computer started lagging so much.
So if you are interested in this trainer you can go and download it from the website where i got it from.

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