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Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Google Chrome is a Rival for Safari 4

Google Chrome is a Rival for Safari 4

Safari have new function that called top sites. Top sites is a thumbnail that contain many best and most recently opened by many internet user. Otherwise, top sites at safari 4 can modified by the user. Top sites can changed manually or automatically. When we don’t want any site that appear at top sites we can remove it manually and then when we browse using Safari 4, the history will automatically appear at the top sites of Safari 4 that will replace the deleted site. When we want some top sites still there and we don’t want to lost it we can edit the top sites and mark as permanent top sites.
When apple launch Safari 4, Google launch Google Chrome that have many similarity with Safari 4. Google Chrome also have function like Top Sites at Safari 4. At the Google Chrome the history will appear like a Top Sites at Safari 4, beside that, Google Chrome have an address bar that have a function as a search engine. The top sites of Google Chrome is a site that recently opened by user. Google Chrome also can change their skin, and the history of Google Chrome was very orderly, so we can more easy to open the last browsing history.
I think Google Chrome have more function than Safari 4. From the appearance, Safari 4 looks more elegant  than Google Chrome, so the conclusion is all of these browser are good when you use it wisely. (Byghost)

Ipod is The Most Popular Portable Music Player Now
Many years ago, many people used radio, walkman, or television for watched a movie or listened some music, but with that, they could not always listen or watch movie or music everywhere. Because of the growth of technology, many company try to create a portable media player. With a portable media player, many people can enjoy their favourite music or movie easyly with doing their activity without problems. There was many portable media players like a radio, cassette, walkman, portable cd or dvd player, mp3 player, Ipod and etc. The most popular portable media player is Ipod.
Ipod is a portable music plsyer with a great design and feature. Until now, no one can beat Ipod for portable media player. Ipod can plays many kind of musics and videos, beside that, Ipod have a great design. Its have a slim body, that’s makes Ipod can carried easyly.
Ipod have a big size of storage, its can store many music and movie with their storage size without change a cd/dvd. We just save our songs or movie at their storage and we can fully enjoy it without any difficulties. Ipod using a bettery for their power. Its also can play a movie or video clip with their LCD screen that much better for watching videos. (byghost)

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